Key Milestones:

Corporate and internal developments

1982: SIEMSA Cataluna is founded, specialising in the provision of integral technical services to the petrochemical sector.
1991: Gamesa acquires SIEMSA.
2000: SIEMSA is set up as a project management company.
2006: 3i acquires Gamesa's services division and renames it Global Energy Services.
2009: Optimisation projects are launched to improve key operations like O&M and Assembly.
2009: The Group's regional companies are integrated into business units with global reach.
2012: GES Compliance Guidelines are issued, including a new Code of Conduct and H&S guidelines.

Services/Technology Developments

1988: Activity in the engineering and instrumentation area commences.
1994: GES begins wind operations with the assembly of the Perdón wind farm in Navarre.
2004: Solar operations begin.
2008: GES acquires the German company "WKA-Service-Fehmarn" specialising in blade inspection and repair.
2009: GES participates in the assembly and maintenance of Germany's first offshore wind farm.
2010: GES is awarded the electrical infrastructure contract for a solar thermal project in Spain.
2011: GES undertakes challenging logistics and transport operations for a significant Cape Verde Project. 
2011–2012: GES participates in the C-10 project, the biggest refinery in Europe, providing installation, commissioning and start-up teams, together with the main Process Analysers components.


Geographical Expansion

1997: Siemsa Portugal is inaugurated.
2002–2003: GES expands into Italy and Mexico.
2005: GES Germany is created and the group expands into the UK.
2006–2007: GES US is created and the group expands into Greece, Hungary, Poland, North Africa and France.
2009: GES expands into Chile and Romania.
2010: GES expands into Canada, Bulgaria and Turkey. 
2012: GES continues to expand into Latin America (with the 396 MW Istmeño Project in Mexico and the 95 MW Talinay project in Chile.