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Projects GES Italy

Su Scioffu PV. Plant

Client: Twelve Energy (Joint venture between Moser Baer Clean Energy Limited and GE Energy Financial Services)

Location: Villasor (Cagliari) - Sardinia, Italia

Power: 20 MW

Execution time: June 2011 - October 2011

epc solar

Turnkey EPC solar plant project in Sardinia

Turnkey EPC solar plant project in Sardinia for Moser Baer Clean Energy and GE Energy. There was a lack of local specialised resources that could realise such a large project in such a short timescale. The tight deadline for connecting to the grid presented a formidable challenge. The site’s island location made it difficult to transport the necessary materials and equipment. The planned photovoltaic (PV) plant was set to occupy a huge area of 66 acres.

We assembled and coordinated an entire team of sub-contractors with specialist expertise in civil engineering, greenhouse construction and electrical wiring. Wherever possible, we advocated the employment of local people. The logistics relating to our provisions and supplies were planned with particular care. We insisted on the strictest of health and safety standards in all of our processes.

Thanks to its greenhouse operations, the project is supporting local agriculture, and has created up to 90 jobs for the local economy. The project’s 20 MW is generating enough electricity to power some 10,000 Italian homes (in comparison to coal- and oil-fired plants, this is preventing more than 25,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually). This  huge, 66-acre project helped to establish Italy as one of the world’s leading proponents of solar power (in 2010 it was second only to Germany in installing solar power) – and goes a long way to achieving the target of generating 23 GW from the sun by 2016.