GES is working for the solar sector for 14 years now. The company has execution capacity to accomplish all kind of photovoltaic installation. Its wide experience includes PV installations of less than 1MW to utility scale plants, both ground, and rooftop, which enables the company to be actively present both in the commercial as in the industrial segment.

GES offers reliable solutions with the máximum quality for the South Europe Region (Spain, France, Italy, and Portugal), MENA (Morocco, Egypt, Jordan and South Arabian) and LATAM (Mexico, Caribe, Central America, Colombia, Chile and Argentina).

GES carries out turnkey projects, including the full EPC of the plant. The company has its own engineering to calculate low, médium and high voltage, mechanical and civil calculations. GES cooperates with its customers from the very first stage of the project, starting with previous studies (topographic, hydrologic, geothermal, and from feasibility), developing the basic and detailed engineering, which makes it possible to optimize the project CAPEX and adapting the solutions for every need. GES has an experienced construction división with a wide international expertise in the execution and coordination of the most challenging projects.



Since the first solar plant GES constructed in Spain, back in 2004, GES has constructed 430MW utility-scale PV plants. One of the latest projects GES was in charge of, was the Conejo PV plant in Chile. A 122MWp plant. GES is currently working in a project in Mexico that will have an installed capacity of 38MWp connected to the high voltage grid of the CFE.

GES carries out turnkey projects, from the early stage, thanks to a dedicated engineering team, specialized in photovoltaic energy, a supply chain team that manage all the logistics and procurement aspects of the plant and a construction business unit that can execute successfully the more complex projects all around the world.

As a multi-technology service provider, GES has worked with PV modules from leading companies and different inverters, trackers, fixed structures and monitoring systems/SCADA.

Related projects

Huelva 2021 PV. Plant

Location: Huelva España
Power: 49.9 MW
Execution plan: June 2020 – April 2021


The plant, with more than 110.000 photovoltaic panels, takes up more than 85 hectares, generates yearly 100.000 MW, equivalent of consumption of energy of 28.000 households.
It was an EPC contract (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) including a photovoltaic plant, electrical substation and evacuation line. 

Huelva 2020 PV. Plant

Location: Huelva, Spain
Power: 49.9 MW
Execution time: February 2019 – February 2020


The Huelva 2020 Photovoltaic Plant is located in Gibraleón (Huelva), has a power of 49.9 MWp and will produce 101,317 kW/hour per year, which means the consumption of 29,056 homes (source IDAE). Huelva 2020 occupies an area of 80 hectares and 133,056 solar panels have been installed there.

It is estimated that it will reduce CO2 emissions by 100 million tonnes per year.

Kambul PV. Plant

Location: Yucatan, Mexico

Power: 38 MWp

Execution time: June 2018 - Noviembre 2019


After more than a decade in the country, this was the first time that GES was in charge of the construction of a photovoltaic plant in Mexico.

The company was in charge of the complete EPC of the project and the electrical evacuation infrastructure, including the 34kV to 115 kV elevator substation, a 115 kV line of 1.37 km length and the adaptation works of a new interconnection bay at the CFE substation in Kambul.

Conejo PV. Plant

Location: Taltal, Chile

Power: 122 MW

Execution time: August 2015 - September 2016

bop solar

One of the biggest PV plants in Chile

The execution of the 122 PV plant was a challenge itself, as it was the biggest solar plant constructed until that moment by GES. PV plant was located in a remote area in the Atacama desert, which made the logistic very difficult. Equipment was delivered from very different places in the world (China, Spain, Sweden, Mexico... ) The project included two substations and an interconnection line.

More than 600 technicians were working at the plant at the same time in some stages of the project.  More than 1.000 containers were delivered to plant. 1.26 Million photovoltaic modules were installed. 

The project was completed following GES quality standards. This proves GES potential to construct utility scale projects. 

Content PV.Plant

Location: Content Village

Power: 28 MW

Execution time: June 2015 - October 2016

epc solar

The first utility-scale PV plant constructed in Jamaica

Content is the first utility-scale PV plant constructed in Jamaica


  • One of the main challenges of the project was the lack of experience in construction of renewable projects in the country.
  • Poor local infrastructures and lack of local resources.
  • Many tools needed to be provided from outside of the country.


  • GES previous experience in Jamaica was key for the correct execution of the project.
  • Experienced technicians were sent to work on site.
  • GES worked with local partners with an extensive experience in project managing.
  • The exhaustive follow-up of the project and the coordiantion between the procurement, logistic and construction teams, made it possible to compliance the project schedule.


  • The project was completed following GES quality standards.