More than 700 employees and presence in 10 countries


People are key to the success of GES. Talent and commitment combine put GES in a preferent place as a service provider for the renewable energy sector. That why the promotion of the development of our professionals in a global environment is essential to stay been competitive.


Our commitment

GES responsibility as a company is to look after the safety and well-being of the company employees and partners. The safety and health of all GES employees is an executive responsibility, which reflects in the performance of every team member. Every GES member should be responsible for its own safety and the safety of the personnel under its responsibility, as well as subcontractors under its supervisión. Health and safety is an ethical condition, that should be prior and unavoidable for the development of the company and a strategical priority. No matter in which geographical área or activity, GES applies the highest Health and Safety standards. GES is certificated following the OHSAS 18001.

International mobility

GES has developed projects in 44 different countries and is present in Spain, Portugal, Italia, Morocco, Egypt, Mexico, Argentina, United States, Central, and Southamerica. GES’ professionals develop its career in an international environment, so we think mobility is a growth vector both for our business and our professionals.

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