One of the most advanced wind farms in the world

Last edited: 05-05-2017

This is the first wind farm in the Coahuila state in Mexico.

the project has obtained all the environmental permits for the construction and operation of the wind farm. With the construction of this wind farm, Coahuila contributes to the development of the renewable energies in Mexico, to fulfill the international agreements for the mitigation and adjustment of the climate change. 


  • Is was a huge project with a very tight time schedule, almost a year. 
  • the area is near the municipalities of General Cepeda and Ramos Arizpe in Coahuila. There was no wind farm constructed in the area until now. 
  • this was the first project EDPR constructed in Mexico. The utility trusted GES for this strategic project. 


  • The execution was speeded up, thanks to the previous engineering work, which led to several foundation optimizations and the customization of the geotechnical study, opting to construct the different kinds of foundation.
  • Simultaneous work at different areas of the wind farm get thinks done faster.
  • Resources coordination was key for a time optimation. An intermediate logistic center was needed to get the material faster for each of the areas.
  • Successful management of the CFE (Mexican electric entity) for the coordination of the power outage and the construction.
  • the project could be executed in a positive environment with the community and unions. GES cooperated with EDPR to develop the safety conditions.