Last edited: 01-19-2017

Conejo is one of the biggest PV plants in Chile. 


  • The execution of the 122 PV plant was a challenge itself, as it was the biggest solar plant constructed until that moment by GES. 
  • PV plant was located in a remote area in the Atacama desert, which made the logistic very difficult.
  • Equipment was delivered from very different places in the world ( China, Spain, Sweden, Mexico... ) 
  • The project included two substations and an interconnection line.


  • More than 600 technicians were working at the plant at the same time in some stages of the project. 
  • More than 1.000 containers were delivered to plant. 
  • 1.26 Million photovoltaic modules were installed. 


The project was completed following GES quality standards. This proves GES potential to construct utility scale projects.