Renaico and Los Buenos Aires

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  • Both wind farms were placed in Mapuche territory, native Araucanians.
  • Accesses to the wind farms were complicated.
  • There was an floofing area in Los Buenos Aires, that made the fundations works very hard.
  • Expediting procedures of the customer and some deadlines in the equipment deliveries made the schedule compliance difficult.
  • Three new subcontractors have been hired to work at the substation. More experienced companies were overflow, due to the high demand of the market.
  • Crane movements between platforms needed to be done with partial or total crane dismantling.


  • GES worked together with the community. Sand and gravel were bought at the local quarry and a mapuche women cooperative was created for the services at the dining room.
  • It was necessary to build two bridges to access the site.
  • Water was pumped 24 hours a day to make the fundation works possible at the flooding area.
  • Equipment deadlines have been renegotiated with suppliers and air transport was used to shorten deadlines.
  • A very strenght coordination was necessary to work with subconstructure to ensure the quality of the work.
  • Road survey were continously done, always trying to reduce the number of hours for the crane movements.


Succesfully completion of the wind farm without accidents and with satisfactory quality standards.