GES' BoP/EPC services for the Solar PV sector are divided into four main activity areas:

  • Logistics and procurement
  • Engineering and civil works
  • Electrical installation
  • Mechanical assembly

EPC projects include the design, engineering and execution of the four activities, whereas BoP projects can cover everything except the procurement and supply of the solar panels. For Solar PV EPC services, GES acquires and supplies the solar modules along with all of the other components.

Procurement of Renewable Equipment

Acquisition of equipment in EPC contracts:

  • Supply of solar panels from diverse manufacturers
  • Transport of modules and equipment to solar farms

Civil Works and Engineering

Construction of the solar plant infrastructure before the electrical installation:

  • Logistics and engineering
  • Building of roads, platforms, foundations, trenches, and so on
  • Control buildings
  • Procurement of civil works materials

Electrical installation

Activities relating to electrical interconnections to substations:

  • Supply and assembly of cells and transformers
  • Ground network and communications
  • Distribution centres and commissioning
  • Supply and procurement of materials


Engineering, construction and procurement of electrical substations:

  • Engineering and civil works
  • Supply of the equipment
  • Testing and commissioning

Mechanical assembly

Assembly of modules and structures for ground and/or roof-mounted installations.